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by Anca Rotar


If you’re looking for a bag that is a practical for your trip to Japan, pay a visit to the Yoshida & Co. flagship store KURA CHIKA YOSHIDA OMOTESANDO.

Founded by Kichizo Yoshida in 1935, Yoshida & Co has become one of Japan’s leading bag manufacturing companies for their bags and wallets. High quality materials such as Italian leather, Egyptian cotton, and nylon textiles are all source materials for their creations. They also have been challenging to develop their original fabric. Yoshida& Co bags are also exclusive. From design to final product, the brand is produced entirely in Japan.

Yoshida Omotesando 1 streetwear

Yoshida & Co. has two main brands, both of which you can find in their Omotesando flagship store. The PORTER brand is named for the one person who can tell if you have a quality bag. That person is the hotel porter, who had lots of experience handling customers’ bags. PORTER’s ladies line, PORTER GIRL, launched in 2009. While the PORTER products are unisex, PORTER GIRL is for exclusively at a feminine audience.

The brand maintains the original PORTER’s high quality while reinterpreting them in a sweeter and softer key. LUGGAGE LABEL came along in 1984 and combines innovation with practicality. LUGGAGE LABEL’s military-style series of bags are popular and cherished by adult men in any age.

Yoshida Omotesando 2

If you’re shy about your Japanese skill, there is nothing to worry about. This brand’s flagship store has English-speaking staff. You will also be glad to know you’re not alone. Many overseas customers visit the store.

KURA CHIKA YOSHIDA OMOTESANDO store has a tax-free service. Pay them a visit and take your time browsing, because one of these timeless pieces might just be your soulmate. You want to be careful and get the one that you want.

KURA CHIKA YOSHIDA Omotesando Store Information

Website (English) ||| Facebook (Japanese) ||| Twitter (via Google Translate) ||| Instagram

||| Tumblr (Porter Stand, English and Japanese) ||| LINE QR Code ||| Online Store (English)

Nearest Station: 4-minute walk from Omotesando Station (plan your route at the link and click on the Google Map below for walking directions)

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