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You are coming in Tokyo, and wonder what kind of original souvenir you could bring back home. Because you don’t want to buy stuff that every tourists are buying. You want to be that special snowflake of the souvenir. Follow this article and let’s see what you will bring back!

Stamps & Postcards, the Most Original Souvenirs

Ushigome-Yanagicho Station stamp

Japanese people are keen on stamps.  You can buy a really cheap book to collect them as much as possible. It is unique and you will be able to show off with all the records of where you have been. But this article will tell you more about this frenzy.

Then let’s talk about postcards. It is always great to send a postcard to the family and friends, but finding some in Tokyo can be quite hard. Indeed, you really have to look for them in order to find them. It is not like in Occidental cities where postcards are everywhere. You can find them in temples, shrines and also 100¥ stores (We’ll discuss about that later). If you want to know how to send a postcard, then this article is made for you.

Figures, Games and Tech

Via WikimediaCommons

We all know that Japan is geek’s kingdom. But where should you go? Well Akihabara and Ikebukuro should be some great places. Check the related articles right now! Loads of Retro-Gaming, New-Gen Gaming, action figures and more are to discover there.


Via WikimediaCommons

You must know that Harajuku is where you will get the most original pieces of art. But try to look for Yukatas since they might be way less expensive than Kimonos (300.000¥…).

Food Merchandise


Via Wikimedia Commons

As you know, with more than 160.000 restaurants, Tokyo is one of the capital city of food (along with Paris). You surely have already heard of those outrageous tastes of Kit-Kat. This may not be a very original souvenir, but a must see. The most known one the green tea tasting one, but there are seasonal Kit-Kat that appear often so if you stay a long time in  Tokyo try to look often in the store that sells them. So that you don’t miss an original flavor that you would have loved.


Via WikimediaCommons

If you are on a budget, you might want to try to bring non-expensive food. Your best shot might be the 100 yen stores.  There you will certainly find items like Japanese candies or tea for example. Don’t forget that it stays a cheap store so the quality of the articles that you purchase might not be as good as more expensive one. But the quality stays good though, especially for the price. Don’t forget that most of the time there is a 8% tax so the 100¥ store is more something like a 108¥store.


By Shibainu via Flickr

Kombinis, or convenience stores are shops where you can purchase a great number of different items 24/7. We don’t think often about that but they are worth the shot if you want to bring some interesting and delicious Japanese food. You will find those everywhere in Tokyo and their price range is really cheap considering the quality of their article. Almost everything is in an individual package so it is also a good thing when you want to bring food that you want to share.

Traditional markets

By Anna & Michal via Flickr

If you are aiming at more traditional food as an original souvenir, you can give a look to the markets all around Tokyo. As they are very touristic places, almost every item that you will buy is in an individual package which is really necessary especially when we are talking about food like dried fish for example. One of the most touristic markets in Tokyo is the Ameya Yokocho, a fish market that is worth the shot.

Advice for bringing Japanese food back home

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First of all before bringing food back to your country, you will need to check what you are allowed or not to bring back. You can see that information on the internet. Try to by things like candies cakes or dried food. Here are the  restrictions for the US customs.

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