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Samantha Thavasa

by Jade Willis

Samantha Thavasa is a Japanese brand known for its girly and cute styles catering to every girl’s accessory needs! We at EnableJapan.com visited Samantha Thavasa’s flagship store in Ginza to get an inside look into this famous Japanese brand. If you would like to learn the shop’s secrets and the design concepts behind the Samantha Thavasa brand, Ginza is the place to go!

“But what about the languages?” you might think. Don’t worry! The staff of main stores speak a variety of languages (English, Chinese, and Korean), which makes each store accessible for shoppers. You’ll never have a problem finding someone to help you discover the perfect accessory.

At the Ginza store, the first floor features the Samantha Tiara line of jewelry. Samantha Thavasa PR spokesperson Meg introduced us to the line, which features thin silver and gold chains adorned with gems and crystals in shapes of flowers. One particular piece was a necklace that moved like a heartbeat as it sat around the wearers neck. How? Well, that’s a secret! This first-floor jewelry section offers other pieces, such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Samantha Thavasa’s first floor features new pieces year round, with the added bonus of a free gift if you spend a certain amount in store.

All bags are on the second floor. Multiple designers collaborate to create bags under the Samantha Thavasa brand name. Meg spoke to us about their popular collection designed by model Miranda Kerr, whose style “focused on changing  the Samantha Thavasa original to make it a little more mature.” Model Anne Nakamura is also taking the brand into a more mature direction, developing everyday bags that will stay with you forever. But don’t think that maturity has taken away any of the cute features that make their handbags great! Smiley faces hide in pockets and on straps within her designs, all adding that Samantha Thavasa touch of cuteness.

Samantha Thavasa encourages their customers to stay faithful to the brand due to their ever-changing design ideas. “Design development of Samantha Thavasa purses comes from many ideas and designers. They all work constantly on new ideas that they develop into what we have in store,” Meg explained. “All designs come in several colors. You can find the perfect bag for any occasion!”

What features stand out the most for their customers? “Zips!” said Meg. “When people are abroad they like knowing their things are safe in their bags. So we always ensure zips are on our bags!”

I couldn’t leave without asking the question, “Who is Samantha Thavasa?”

“I get asked that a lot!” Meg laughed. “Its a secret! I can’t tell you that! We have rumors saying the name comes from the witch that wiggles her nose, but it’s not!” So that part of the mystery remains unsolved. But there’s one thing that is not a mystery–with the Ginza store catering towards every woman’s handbags and jewelry, Samantha Thavasa in Ginza is a great place to shop!

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