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Tokyo Tour for Pokemon Fans

by Lea Genetet

Pokémon exists on a lot of different platforms, the video games, the card games and the animated show and movies. If you are a Pokémon fan and visiting Tokyo, then you have chosen the good city. Indeed, here you will encounter Pikachu and all his 806 friends almost everywhere. And you might be able to find almost everything you are searching that is pokemon-themed.

Pokemon Stores and Centers

If you are a Pokemon fan, it is impossible that you don’t know what a Pokémon center (in the game and movies) is. If you don’t, a Pokemon center is a place where you can go and heal your Pokemons after they fought. What if I told you that you can find some in Tokyo? There you might not be able to heal your Pokémon, but you will find a lot of interesting themed items that will make you happy. Don’t forget to take some pictures as in some of them there are big pokemon statues. You can find the biggest center in the Sunchine city in Ikebukuro. You can also encounter pokemon stores, that are like pokemon center but smaller. Click here for more information on the Pokemon Stores and on the Pokemon centers.

Eat a Magikarp-Shaped Taiyaki

If you haven’t tried taiyaki yet, it might be great for you to taste it in its Magikarp form. You can find little stores that sells them in Akihabara or in Ikebukuro. A taiyaki is a fish shaped pastry filled with red bean paste, but you can find ones with different tastes!

Gachapons & UFOs

While you are in Tokyo you will certainly visit places like Akihabara or Ikebukuro. There you will find dozens of UFO catcher. They are machines in which there are items that you can catch. These items are most of the time plushes or figurines. There, as Pokemon is one of the mains franchises of Japan, an enormous part of these items are Pokémon-themed. Although most of the UFOs catchers in Tokyo are in Akihabara and Ikerbukuro, a lot of Gachapons can be found all around Tokyo.

Pokemon Shopping

Picture by AndyLeungHK on Pixabay.com

Sure, the Pokemon centers are awesome for the Pokefans, but they aren’t the only places where you can buy Pokemon items. Be sure to go inside the 100 yens stores and visit the little streets of Akihabara and Ikebukuro. Indeed, there, you might find old Pokémon video games or trading cards that might worth the shot of searching for them. For the video games, you can try very known stores like Super Potato. You may want to try the one in Ikebukuro as the one in Akihabara is a crowded area, the prices might be lower. While you are in Akihabara, don’t forget to check out places like Trader or Retro Game Park.

Video Games

Japanese video game

Photo by InspiredImages via Pixabay.com

While you are shopping and searching for pokemon video games, you might want to try video games there. You will be able to play video games with foreigners in places like Gamebars. Also, in places like pokemon centers or arcade games station, you might find some Pokemon themed arcades. Also, if you still play to Pokemon Go, then you are in the right place. Indeed, you will encounter many pokestops in Tokyo. Don’t forget to check out differents places like parks, crowded places like Shibuya and shrinnes. If you are not from Asia, take advantage of being in Japan to catch farfetch’d, Volbeat and Seviper, as they are exclusive to Asia. Click here for more information about video games in Tokyo.

Pokemon Café

Opened in April 2018, the Pokemon café is a new place where you can eat with your favorite characters from the Pokedex. You will pokemon-themed food, like for example Eevee burgers. There is also a shop there so you can buy pokemon and food themed objects like mugs for example. But be careful and don’t forget to make a reservation on this website before going there, otherwise you won’t be allowed in. Each reservation can be done for groups of 4 persons most.
To go to the Pokemon cafe, click here.

Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama

You might have seen pictures of this: dozens of Pikachus walking around Tokyo’s streets. It is happening each summer in Yokohama, and it is called the Pikachu outbreak. But this isn’t only about the parade, other things are happening too. Each year, there is a different theme, so don’t worry, even though you already experienced an edition, the chances to be bored are low, as the activities change. In 2018, the theme is “Science is awesome”.

Occasional Events

Stamp rally

What is it ?

In the summer 2018, a Pokemon stamp rally will be held in Tokyo. If you don’t know what a stamp rally is, clik here for more information. You will find the stamps on some train stations in Tokyo. You can get a stamp booklet, where you will collect all your stamps. The rules can change a few over the years but each time they are similar.

How does it work ?

You will first have to search for 6 stamps of you choice, collect them in a book that you can obtain in every train station where the stamp rally is held. In this book you will find informations on the stamp rally like which train station participates and which pokemon are there. Once you achieved this part, you need to search for a goal, (search for the word “ゴール” on the map). There, once you gave your first 6 stamps to the staff (often people who work in New Days convinience stores), they will give you a new book where you will able to collect all the stamps, plus a little gift. This year you will have a card holder for you Suica or Pasmo. Then enjoy collecting all the stamps, and if you achieve the filling of the second book, you will receive a bigger gift at a goal train station.

How do I from a station to an other ?

Once you have understood the rules of the stamp rally, you need to think about how you will reach each station. If you are doing your stamp rally during your visits (stamping your book when you encounter stamps, not particulary searching for them), then just use the way of paying that worth the most for your trip. But if you attempt to do it in a day, there are different pass which can allow you to reach every place in Tokyo. You can find more information about public transportation here and on the official website.

Don’t forget to search for possible offers.

Click here for more information on the stamp rally. (Official Website)

Stores collaborations

Pokémon is one of the hugest franchises of Japan. So a lot of others marks and stores will often collaborate with the Pokemon Company to offer us a lot of new items. For example, on the 14th of July, a collaboration that will last one month between Pokemon and the store 3 coins begins.

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