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Paris Madonna Recycle Shop

by Laetitia Dodo

Paris Madonna

Time for a stroll down Kitashinagawa shopping street? Look out for the colorful and cute Paris Madonna recycle shop. This shop does not surf the recycle shop used clothing wave–it created it. Paris Madonna opened its doors in 1988 and has been going strong ever since! It is recommended for its feminine and colorful style.

And never fear, Japanese-impaired fashionistas–Emi, the owner, speaks English well and loves meeting new people. You could find great clothes AND meet a new friend!

Paris Madonna and the Fifty Shapes of Jewels

Paris Madonna is a name that suggest a great balance between new and vintage. After stepping inside, you can easily imagine being inside the American singer’s dressing room. It is obvious at first sight that there is no place for grey or gloomy outfits. The place is full of bright clothes, shoes, bags and jewels.

Did I said jewels ? I mean a fountain of jewels! They are the first thing you see. It shouts to you: how can I be a star without proper jewels? The shop also carries a great collection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Paris Madonna

Fashion is in the Details

But that is the least of Paris Madonna’s treasures. Paris the city is known as the fashion capitol of the world. But how can a city receive such a title? Thanks to details, and that means accessories. And one of the most important fashionista’s accessories is a bag. And Paris Madonna always has a great selection of them. You can be looking for funny, practical, fashionable, or vintage bags and be sure to find one here.

Paris Madonna has everything you need for your wardrobe at attractive prices. The articles come from second-hand clothes dealer, flea markets, and from the owner’s trips to California.

Paris Madonna

Selling at the Shop

You can sell your own clothes to the shop for cash. There is no set criteria–they must be in good condition and appeal to the owner. Her taste in clothing is as sharp as her smile is welcoming.

If you want to sell a famous brand, you could set a price and let Paris Madonna sell it for you. In that case, the owner pays you after the item sells, with a 40% of the price going back to the shop.

Paris Madonna

The shop might seem small, but you can count on its organization. Everything is classified by type and color. And do you know the best part in going to the actual shops? You can encounter interesting and friendly people and try clothes on!

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