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Meguro and Gotanda Area Guide

by Paul Joulot

Meguro and Gotanda are two close stations of the Yamanote line. They are located between Ebisu and Osaki. Since those are pretty small and very close, we decided to include both of them in one article. Anyway, those areas are some old places, full of shrines and surprises. So let’s discover what those are about!



Meguro station is located just after Ebisu. This is a very nice area if your plans are to relax or to chill. Because this is not crowded at all. Meguro offers a great deal of parks and shrines.

Meguro train station is hosting the JR Yamanote line, the Tokyu Meguro subway line, the Tokyo Metro Namboku line and the Toei Mita subway line. The JR station is used by an average of 106,538 passengers daily.

Shrines and Temples


West of Meguro Station near the Meguro River, Daienji Temple is a national historical site and significant cultural property. One of Edo’s three great Daikoku temples, you can see 500 stone Buddhas as well as a sculpture of Amida Buddha. You can also find prayer wheels. Those are wheels that you spin to replace oral pray. Go there to have good luck and to be blessed!

Otori Shrinemeguro

As you can see on this picture, this shrine has some nice Tori, and is pretty relaxing, since there is nobody around. Come here to relax and purify your soul.

Tako-Yakushi Jyoujuinmeguro
‘Tako” (たこ) means Octopus in Japanese. This temple is indeed about octopus. Here you can find painting of an happy octopus, and octopus brings happiness so go there if it is a blue Monday. Moreover, just next to it, you can find a restaurant which displays a cute rock statue of Anpanman. This famous anime character has his head made of bread, and sacrifices part of it to feed hungry people.meguro

Meguro Fudōson Ryūsenjimeguro

The Ryusen-ji temple belongs to the Tendai sect. The temple hosts the grave of the agricultural scientist Konyo Aoki, known for encouraging sweet potato cultivation in Japan. The temple celebrates the memory of Aoki with an annual sweet potato-themed festival. Moreover, this is a huge temple, having numerous annexes and statues of Buddha.


Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum (Website || Instagram)


Via WikimediaCommons

This museum is about designs and architecture. There are different expositions during all year.

Costume Museum (Translated Website)

Meguro Parasitological Museum (Website)


By blueskyfantasie via Flickr

As indicated by its name, this museum focus its expositions on parasites. It is also a private research facility specializing in… parasites! You can observe some parasites in jars or other stuff. Although be warned, it is for parasites aficionados only!

Meguro Museum of Art (Website)


Via Wikimedia Commons

The Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo has been collecting and exhibiting the works of modern Japanese artists. The museum also holds special exhibitions of various kinds of art with a fresh idea that will help you make a new discovery.

Kume Museum of Art (Translated Website)


Ikedayama Parkmeguro

Stunning is the word that would describe this park. It displays beautiful Japanese trees, lakes and benches under shadow. If you like wild animals, then you will be keen on this park. You can find big koi carps, beautiful butterflies and dragonflies. The fact is that there is a big height difference between east and west of the park. It is like you would go down a beautiful forest. And you will be surprised by what you will see. Moreover, the park is free!

Fudo ParkmeguroThis park is located behind the Meguro Fudoson Ryusenji. It displays big ropes to let off steam after a day of hard work for instance. For kids and grown ups!



Gotanda station is located before Osaki. Like Meguro, Gotanda is a pretty small area and is nice to relax.

Moreover, the station hosts the JR Yamanote line, the Tokyu Ikegami line and the Toei Asakusa line. The JR station is used by an average of 132,524 passengers daily.

Temple and Shrines

Yakushi-ji Tokyo Annexmeguro
What is interesting about this temple, is that it is not a temple that you are accustomed see. In fact, this is an inside temple. You can see the entrance on the picture, and then when you enter, a bronze Buddha statue. Then a huge room where you pray.


DNP Museum Lab (Website)

This museum is an annex of the Louvre museum. It displays loads of interactive piece of arts. You will touch, feel, hear and of course, see some nice piece of art here.

The Museum of Package Culture (Website)

This (Awesome) museum displays all kind of packaging throughout the years and decades. If you enjoy objects in general, and weird museums, you should definitely go there! And if you are interested in museums, check this page out!


Nemu no Ki no Niwameguro

If by any chance you were a flower addict, then you should head there as fast as possible. Indeed, this park is a beautiful flower garden, displaying some rare plants such as an old tree and uncommon flowers. But you will be able to discover it, since there are panels under each plant explaining what it is.

Kamuro-zaka ParkmeguroThis park displays a small playing area, which is convenient if you have kids… or just like playing areas.

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