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Top 10 Free Things to Do in Kōtō

by Laetitia Dodo

Kōtō City is one of the 23 wards of Tokyo and will house twelve Olympic venues. It is a very large area in which you can pass from modern Tokyo symbolism and experience small pieces of Japanese history. Here are the hidden gems which we here at EnableJapan.com have found.

Kōtō Sites: Bashō Hermitage Historic Sites Outlook Garden

Matsuo Bashō, an Edo period poet, is the master of haiku, the five-seven-five syllable poems that are primarily about nature. The Bashō Hermitage Historic Sites Outlook Garden is one of several sites in Kōtō City that are dedicated to the poet. Experience the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the garden and learn the secrets of Bashō’s inspiration.

Grave of Rinzō Mamiya

Adventurer, spy, and the inspiration for a character in Lone Wolf and Cub, Rinzō Mamiya lived an exciting life during the Edo era. He passed away at the age of 65 in Fukagawa and was buried there. Be attentive, as there are many other memorials and you may have a difficult time finding it.

Kiba Park

This huge park (almost 60 acres in size) has a botanical garden and many playgrounds and is not far from the Kiba station.  It is the perfect environment for nature lovers and families looking for an inexpensive day out. There is a dedicated barbecue area at the northern end and plenty of cafes around the park.

Kiyosumi Park

This park is between two museums and the river, and is a nice place to stop and rest during your day out

Megaweb Toyota City Showcase

Are you a car fan? Let the Megaweb Toyota City Showcase show you the next century! Between Aomi station and the Daikanransha (the Great Wheel).

Meiji Maru

Stop at Etchūjima station and enter the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. At the back of the garden you will find the first ship registered as an Important Cultural Property. It originally served as a lighthouse and was reserved for use by the imperial family. But now you can also visit!

Naritasan Fukagawa Fudōdō

This temple is part of the Chisan group in the Shingon school of Buddhism and practices Esoteric Buddhism. The inside is also worth a look. But be sure to remove your shoes!

Sunamachi Ginza Dori

A 20-minute walk from Nishi-Ojima Station, this street is foodies’ heaven. Tempting scents, nice souvenirs, and friendly locals.

The Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue

The Gundam statue on Symbol Promenade Park Central Square is both a landmark and an attraction. It is 20 meters tall and switches between two modes.  The Unicorn mode sees the Gundam with a single horn on its head, while the Destroyer mode reveals the statue’s hidden light panels.

The transformation happens four times a day:

  • 11am
  • 1pm
  • 3pm
  • 5pm


Tomioka Hachiman-gū

Close to Naritasan Fukagawa Fudōdō, this shrine is dedicated to the god Hachiman, the god of martial arts and war. Every 1st, 15th, or 28th of each month there is a flea-market/ festival and a prayer service on its grounds. Sumo tournaments were first held here during the late 17th century, and you can find several monuments to sumo on the shrine grounds.

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