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Kinsella Recycle Shop

by Laetitia Dodo

Kinsella Street Style

Most of us have been rocked by American pop culture thanks to films, television, books, and songs. And old American fashions never die–they just make a comebacks. Retro-fans and fashionistas should go straight to Kinsella.

Located on a small side street in Harajuku, Kinsella is open every day from noon to 8pm. the name comes from the shadowy world of American underground rock music, and the shop specializes in used clothes with a boyish western look.

Some of Kinsella’s clothes are unique pieces. Hesitate, and it might be gone before you get back! This shop is full of vintage treasures at wallet-friendly prices.

Filling the Racks

Staff members have selected the best that American west coast has to offer. Kinsella’s staff members have found hidden gems at American resales, markets, street stores, and second-hand shops. You can find clothes, hats, shoes and other accessories. You can find everything from bright colors to somber tones on their shelves and racks.

How do they choose? These experts judge whether individual pieces should be on their racks or not. And you can trust their taste–just look at what they’re wearing!

As you enter the shop you can see what it was to be an American of the 80s or 90s. Clothes hang in long rows, perfect for browsing and comparing, which allows you to benefit from their good taste even during busy hours.

From youth to adulthood, be sure to find what you need to complete your amazing style. Most of the articles are genderless. As a result, it is up to you to reveal its perfect match.

Kinsella on Social Media

You can find them each first weekend of the month at Raw Tokyo. They are also frequent contributors to Tokyo street style videos and magazines and on Twitter and Instagram.

Kinsella’s owner has already opened two other vintage stores with their own style. You won’t have to go far–one is just under Kinsella itself!

Harajuku is full of different style and approaches to fashion. Still, Kinsella stands out with its eclectic selection.

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