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Ikebukuro is a commercial district of Tokyo that you can reach through the Yamanote line. It is popular for its Otaku places and you can spend a whole day there without being bored. Though, it is like Akihabara on some points, it is a calmer place. Also, you might notice the presence of Owls everywhere: Owl statues, owl hotel, owl sculptures…

Train Station

The Ikebukuro’s train station is an enormous place where you can lose yourself very quick. But you always can search for plans or ask help. Inside the train station there is an Owl statue which is oftenly used as a meeting point. You’ll notice that there is an enormous store called Seibu all around the train station. It is a 8 floor building which has a beautiful rooftop. You might want to go there. If you do, you will need to take the elevator until the 8th floor, and then climb stairs to reach the 9th floor. Once you are on it you will encounter a beautiful place with a lot of little restaurants, tables to eat. Furthermore, there is a little garden on your left which is beautiful and worth the shot. Who expected to find a whole garden with a bridge on it?


As you already know, at the Ikebukuro’s train station an enormous store called Seibu. But it isn’t the only place to go in Ikebukuro to do shopping ! Indeed, in front of the train station, there are a lot of stores like for example a Don Quijote. But this isn’t the only thing to do there if you want to spend your money. Indeed, if you search a little bit more, there are plenty of little hidden stores. Also, there is the Sunshine 60, which is like Akihabara main street but in a smaller way. There you can find shops like Super Potato where you can buy old video games, or K-books, a company that sells book, but not only! At this place, a lot of cosplays are available. At the end of this street, if you want to continue with your shopping, search for a very high building. This is Sunshine city, a 240 meters tower where a large number of stores are established.


Picture by Jeswin Thomas on pexel.com

Ikebukuro isn’t only an Otaku place. There you can find many places to cultivate your knowledge. While you are shopping at the Sunshine city tower, you might want to try out the Ancient Oriental museum. If you want to learn in a more ludic way, at the 9th floor you can find an Aquarium and a Planetarium.


Amusement parks

Picture by Frank Zienert on Pexels.com

Don’t leave the Sunshine city yet ! After you are done learning, you might want to play a little. There you will find two amusement parks. First, the Namja town, located inside the Sunshine city and on 3 floors. You need to pay to go inside the park, except for the Gioza street where you can go for free and taste a lot of them. In the same tower, there is the J-world amusement park. There you will have the occasion to with your favorites character whose adventures are published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. At the top of the same building you will encounter the Sky Circus where you can admire the view of Tokyo or try virtual reality activities.


Japanese video game spots

Photo by Rebecca Oliver via Unsplash.com

Like in Akihabara, in Ikebukuro you will be able to find big video games-themed places like Sega for example. There, you will have access to dozens of different games from UFO catchers to rhythm games. Although the place is smaller than Akihabara, a lot of other places like a cinéma or bowling are there.


Behind the train station there is a big building with statues all around it. This is the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater. Inside, there are a lot of different rooms, as the goal of this place is to improve the access to art and culture to the citizens of Tokyo. But there are also music shows, so if you don’t understand a world of Japanese you always can go and enjoy one of them !


Ikebukuro is a modern place, but this is Japan, the place where the old and the new are living together. So take time to look at some temples that are in Ikebukuro. Like the Ikosanhomyoji that you can reach with a 10 minutes walk from the Ikebukuro’s train station.

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