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Hamamatsucho Area Guide

by Paul Joulot

You may have already seen the red Tower of Tokyo, also called the Japanese Eiffel Tower. If you want to go there, then go to Hamamatsucho. This station is nearby loads of parks and shrines/temples. If you want to relax, that might be some great expedition!

Hamamatsucho Stationhamamatsucho

The JR Yamanote line, and the JR Keihin-Tohoku are serving Hamamatsucho. Also, if you are on your way back home, and you are taking off from Haneda airport, then you can take here the Tokyo Monorail, taking you to either terminal one or two. And don’t forget to take a look to the little Monk Pissing Statue, that people are regularly dressing up.


By © DAJF / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1680087


Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden


Formerly called ‘The Most Beautiful Place of Japan’, this park will cost you 300¥ to admire its views. What is really amazing about it is the very natural aspect of the park, just next to buildings and skyscrapers. Here you can enjoy some authentic tea called ‘Macha’. Also, there are some hills for you to take some outstanding pictures.

Also, there is a walk on the water, with small islands and traditional bridges. Finally, some nice stamps are available on the entrance.

Minato City Shiba Parkhamamatsucho

This park is just between Zojo-Ji and Tosho-Gu. It is perfect for picnic, nap and other relaxation purposes. It offers a great deal of vegetation, and a nice walk under the trees. hamamatsucho

Italy Parkhamamatsucho

This park is a little bit hidden, next to the highway. It features some Renaissance-like statues, and its floral disposition will make you feel like you were in Europe.


Tower of Tokyohamamatsucho

This tower is called ‘The Japanese Eiffel Tower’. A lot of people think that it was indeed made by Gustave Eiffel… but no. It was inspired by it but made by Tachu Naito, a Japanese architect. Anyway it is 7 meters taller than the French one. You can enjoy a nice mall on the floor ground, with a lot of tourism goods, and a One Piece store and restaurant.

If you are really keen on One Piece, and can’t be satisfied by only the shop, there is the One Piece tower located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. This is an Amusement Park and you need to pay to go there, and then, the park offers to you. Loads of activities related to One Piece are there, and if you are a fan, you can’t miss this spot!

Seaside Top Observatoryhamamatsucho

Located at the top of the World Trade Center building, this offers you some nice 360 degrees view. It will cost you 620 ¥to enjoy it.

Temples and Shrines

Sanuk-Kohakuinari Shrinehamamatsucho

This shrine is easy to miss because of its size. Furthermore, two buildings are hiding it. This is again very small, and is nice but not this outstanding.

Shiba Tosho-Gu Shrinehamamatsucho

This little shrine is located just next to the gigantic Zojo-ji. This is really lovely, and it has one of the biggest Ginkgo tree of Japan (21.5 m). Moreover, the stamp granted here is some nice piece of art.

Zojo-Ji Temple (Website)hamamatsucho

Zojo-Ji is one of the two bodaiji of the Tokugawa crew. It means that this temple takes care of the funeral rituals of the family progeny. This temple is located at only 300 meters from the Tower of Tokyo. During the Edo era it was 82.8 ha wide, with more than 100 buildings and 48 secondary temples. It was hosting 3000 priests and Buddhist students. WW2 attacks destructed the pagoda and a part of the temple. The gate was not touched, and a part of the temple was rebuilt. It also hosts hundreds of children statues, picturing the dead youngsters and babies. hamamatsucho

People dress up and offer those statues presents in order to pray for their progeny.

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