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Akihabara Area Guide

by Lea Genetet

Akihabara is a worldwide known place for its geek culture. There you can find an enormous amount of game and manga themed places. The Sunday afternoons, the main street Chuo Dori closes to let you visit the place without worrying about cars. This starts at one PM and ends at 6 pm (5 pm from October to march).

A lot of people who are coming in Japan need to connect their devices to wi-fi to use them. In Akihabara you will be able to connect them at the train station. When you will be outside, don’t forget that all the convenience stores provide a free wi-fi connection. Then you can also search for fast foods restaurants which offer this too.

Train station

Akihabara station

The Akihabara train station has two main exits: Electric town and Showa Dori. This train station connects the Yamanote line, the Keihin Tohoku line, the Chuo-Sobu line, and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line. You will be able to find a Shopping center, as well as a lot of gachapons.



Japanese video game spots

Photo by Rebecca Oliver via Unsplash.com

We know Akihabara for its video games and Otaku culture. Indeed, there are plenty of places where you can play or buy them. You can play to very old games (Pac Man, Galaga…) as well as new ones. If you go to this place there are great chances that you will play to UFO catchers and arcade video game. You can even find them in the street. If you want to play, you will often need to have 100 yens coins with you. Otherwise, if you don’t, it is possible to exchange your bill with coins through dedicated machines or at the counter of some stores. Be aware that UFO catchers might be harder than It looks.

Capsule toys in a street of Akihabara

It is also often possible to pay with Suica or Pasmo Cards in some of the big video games places like Sega or Taito. When you go in a building don’t forget to go upstairs because you might find some interesting places up there.

Maid café

We know them around the world, especially with the otaku culture. The maid cafés are places where you can eat with women dressed as maids who will often make a show. Everything there is cute, even the food. The maids will give you food that looks like little animés characters, or they can draw characters on it. For some more money you can ask for a performance, or special closes like headbands for example. The price is often by hour, plus the price of the food that you ordered.

Other cafés

photo by Sharonang on pixabay.com

We talked about the maid café, but they aren’t the only popular café. In Akihabara you will be able to find all kinds of cafés. When you will be walking around there is a great chance to encounter people advertising for a café, with owls on their shoulder. They are advertising for owl cafes where you often pay for an hour, that you spend it with all kind of owls. You can also find other animal-themed cafes like cat or hedgehog café.

We are talking about a geek place, so we can’t leave without trying video games themed cafes, like Square Enix café or the gamebar A-button. There are also places where you can eat and play at the same time. Like portable game café, where you can bring your own console and play with strangers.


Photo by Serwan Melk on Wikimedia

Even though now with internet you can enjoy the art of plenty of people whenever you want, seeing you favorite artist in real life is a whole different thing. A lot of Otakus know Akihabara for its idol places. For example, AKB48 café or plenty of other places like Kami Tower or Dear Stage. There, they are performing on stage, singing, while you drink and enjoy the show. You can also buy a lot of idol-themed items there.

UDX garage

When we search things to do in Tokyo we often found, UFO catchers, video games. But did you know that in a building you can see wonderful cars for free? Head to the UDX building and take the elevator. On the levels B1, B2 and B3 you might find some great looking cars like Maseratis, Porshes… Try to go there in the week-end as the garage will be filled with Itashas (cars decorated with characters of animés).

Not into Otaku stuff?

If you are not interested by the Otaku stuff and are here anyway, try to enjoy the most possible with these places. The first place that you might want to look at is 2k540 aki-oka artisan. It is a street that is not far away from the center of Akihabara, (count 10 minutes of walk) and is located under the Yamanote line. There you will be able to find lot of artisan’s stores.

You are in Tokyo, so try to enjoy some temples like Kanda Myojin shrine which is a shinto shrine.

Photo by Mariamichelle on pixabay.com


Souvenirs and Shopping 

Be sure that you take home things that you are not able to find anywhere else. You can go for example to Don Quijote which is built on 6 Floors. You can buy there for your own pleasure but also to make gift to you friend and family. There you will be able to find almost every weird Japanese object that you heard about.

Akihabara is also very known for its electronic side. So you can find stores as LABI which is an 8 floors building, Yodobashi, or even Bic Bamera. Or you can search in electric town stores that will make you happy, as they can sell electronic pieces. If you want to buy video games, you are in the right place. Try places like Super Potato or Trader Akihabara.
You will find a lot of places where manga themed objects are sold in this area. But if you are searching for more specific items, there are a great chance that you can find them there. Indeed, there is a Dragon Quest Lawson convenience store that will please all the fans of the game. Also, don’t forget to take your passport with you as you can use it to buy tax-free items.

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