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Shinagawa Area Guide

by Chuong Lieu

Shinagawa is one the most crowded business districts in Tokyo. One would not dare to imagine a memorable travelling experience here. Yet, believe me, Shinagawa is way more than office buildings. You will find Shinagawa more interesting than ever by visiting these below destinations!


Nikon Museum (Translated Website)

Gate to Nikon Museum

Located on the second floor of Shinagawa Intercity, Nikon Museum is a feature of the area. At Nikon Museum, they present 100 year of history of Nikon with a variety of exhibitions. They display cameras, binoculars and scopes of different sizes and functions. Nikon’s technological development in space industry is also displayed at the museum. If you are a camera enthusiast, then this place is a must!

Museum of Logistics (Translated Website)

In front of Museum of Logistics

Museum of Logistics displays figures of Japanese logistics system from Edo to Showa period. Coming here, you will get to know how planes were created and train system established. Too, you will also have a chance to try on drivers’ uniform and experience old carrying tools. Museum of Logistics is sure to add up to your exciting experience in Shinagawa.

Meiji Gakuin Historical Museum (Translated Website)

Sony Archives Museum (Website)


Higashiyatsuyama Park

Higashiyatusyama Park’s ground

Not so far from Nikon Museum, Higashiyatsuyama Park is a local park in Shinagawa area. Office workers often come here to take a rest and have lunches. Mothers and children also come to this place to do outdoor activities and have fun with one another. The park will be a moment of relief for anyone who comes!


Maxell Aqua Park

Entrance into Maxell Aqua Park

If you are to travel in Shinagawa, you cannot miss Maxell Aqua Park! Located inside Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Maxell Aqua Park is an enlightening destination. The park consists of art aquariums that combine fish exhibition with exquisite imagery. Also, at the Park you have a chance to play with penguins and touch dolphins. At the end of the journey, do not forget to take a seat in The Stadium and enjoy the thrilling dolphin show!

Shrines and Temples

Shinagawa shrine

The main shrine

West side of Shin-Banba Station, Shinagawa Shrine is a popular Shinto shrine in Tokyo. Founded in 1187, it is one of 10 shrines forming a ring around the Imperial Palace. You can recognize the shrine from afar with the high gravestone in front of the main gate. Many people come here every day to pray for health and success. Furthermore, the shrine is famous for its annual Shinagawa Shrine Spring Festival. During the festival in June, stalls and mikoshis (portable shrines) crowd the neighborhood. They help to add up to the festive mood of the shrine. Traditional performances at the shrine are also one of the features during the festival. Thus, Shinagawa shrine is a worthwhile destination for tourists interested in Japanese tradition.

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